The Tarot Garden

Niki de Saint Phalle, an outstanding French artist, started to work on the creation of this house-museum in 1979, being strongly influenced both by Gaudì and by the visit to Bomarzo.

The famous artist gave life to 22 figures of the major arcana of the Marseille tarot cards on the hill of Garavicchi. This collection of figure may be seen in an esoteric sequence from the figure of the Crazy to the figure of the World or in a sequence which is the interpenetration between life and death.

The park was officially opened to the public in 1998 and still today it features some incomplete elements due to the desire of the artist to leave the artpiece exactly as it was at the moment of her death in 2002.

A visit not to be missed in a riot of mirrors, majolicas, fountains and tunnels, fun for kids and of a great artistic and human interest for adults. It is that kind of park where one discovers new hidden corners at each subsequent visit.

For opening time please check the website of the Foundation of the Tarot Garden: