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  • The Tagliata Etrusca

    The Tagliata Etrusca

    We’re not talking about an ancient florentian grill recipe. The Tagliata Etrusca marks the place where an ancient city Cosa was located and, in fact, on the edge of the beach, even if consumed by the waves, there are still visible the remains of the piers. Just beside it there is the Spacco della Regina,…

  • The Tarot Garden

    The Tarot Garden

    Niki de Saint Phalle, an outstanding French artist, started to work on the creation of this house-museum in 1979, being strongly influenced both by Gaudì and by the visit to Bomarzo. The famous artist gave life to 22 figures of the major arcana of the Marseille tarot cards on the hill of Garavicchi. This collection…

  • Aree naturali del wwf

    Aree naturali del wwf

    Oasi di Orbetello Orbetello Lagoon Oasis was established in 1971 when Fulco Pratesi and Hardy Reichelt discovered a small breeding colony of the Italian Cavaliere, a bird specie that was considered extinct at the time. The Oasis covers an area of 870 hectares within a Special Conservation Zone between Albinia and Orbetello. Visiting Orbetello Oasis…

  • Cosa


    Being built on the promontory of Ansedonia by the Romans who have defeated the Etruscans, its name probably derives from the previous Etruscan village Cusia which location was actually later attributed to the present nearby town, Orbetello. The ancient walls, strenuously defended through the centuries by a thick plant curtain, are visible today for a…

  • Capalbio


    I am a happy Capalbio,defended by a Sienese lion by which i am protected,and by these first walls restored at own expenseand by the other walls which surround the first ones,being 1404besides which the world had turned 10 years and 2 many times. (Translation of the text on the Sienese Door by D’Annunzio) Capalbio is…

  • Costa d’Argento: Argentario, Orbetello, Maremma Tuscany regional park

    Costa d’Argento: Argentario, Orbetello, Maremma Tuscany regional park

    The Costa d’Argento, the southernmost coastal part of Maremma, is situated between the hills of the Uccellina Nature Park and Lake Burano. It has become a popular target for those in search for the beauty of nature, local traditions and age-old history. The state road SS1 crosses this area from the hot springs of…

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